Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Unit 6 Commission - The Beginning ....

During the briefing with Dr Klappa who went through the following themes:

Theme 1. Infection by HIV
- takes time to breakout
- DNA fixed structure of information
- RNA copy
- Proteins
- Virus can effect this chain like a trojan virus
- cells effected have receptors- docking cells of immune system and produces 10,000 cells a minute

Theme 2. Making an Antibody
- Antigen combine with Antibody

Theme 3. Fighting an Infection

Theme 4. I got Flu
- influenza
-stays as RNA

Needs to depict some facts shown in presentation!

This was an interesting brief but a lot to get my head around so not completely sure which area I want to look into at this stage but i seem to be drawn to theme 4 so I will see where research takes me

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