Thursday, 14 April 2011

Influenza sketched ideas

I looked at the structural forms of the virus in the research and used this for influence for these first ideas and like the sketches that make it appear more sinister and organic because it reminds me of something really alien - like or what you would find in the sea.

I had these ideas for how the virus could attach itself to the cell and decided to draw them out to understand this through a visual perspective of how sections could strencth and grab the cell to enter it/ become part of it. I like the idea of the virus having tentacles that could cover or engulf the form because it makes the movements seem natural but the process almost horrific and uncanny.

This is only a rough idea which I might use depending on the target audience but not sure if this idea is embracing too much of the horrific but I just wanted to start getting the idea process pumping.

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