Thursday, 14 April 2011

Intial Ideas

These are the beginning ideas I have for how I want to portray the animation but they are not resolved in terms of target audience but will derive and develop this from an idea with potiental

- Space theme idea of virus eating away cells it finds as destructive force (black hole influence)

- Hunting for cell - virus has predatory characteristics

- Sci FI - alien form attacking theme

- Underwater theme - forms look like sea aneminies, Fantastic Voyage as influence

- POV of cell - as virus comes towards then attacks the RNA and multiply and leave host

- bigger opening so that hear a sneeze/ cold releasing virons and floating and entering the body through mouth, nose, etc showing a journey from out to inner space

- mutation - have cell completely engulfed by virus and transform, destroying host

- Cartoon - like life cycle a bit of humour comedy

- More plant - like structure taking influence from triffids and body snatchers, relating back to idea of mutation but more organic

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