Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Film research

I looked at how big budget films create grand scale shots and compositions to inspire how my visuals could move forward and feel more epic and filmic.

These are stills from Avatar and I liked the use of foreground to gain a sense of moving within the space. This is a technique I have already thought about and will continue with in my concepts.

This is a still from Battle Star Galatica and there is a lot of information of the scale between each craft in this single shot looking at how one overshadows another.

These are stills from Independence Day where the characters in the stolen craft try to sneak aboard the mothership which is appropiate with my idea. The above two shots create a sense of movement from the point of view of the tiny craft approaching the mother ship. The below two really give a sense of how small the craft is compared to gigantic ship.

These concepts for Lord of the Rings really describe the battle fields and how open the space is. It creates the impression of how big the world is in relation to the characters.

This concept of Star Trek looks at alien grey colours to describe a machine - like world, it also gives a sense of the mood and how the audience is meant to feel.

Stills from Star Wars, which again looks at the idea of how epic the scale of the world and what is placed in it.

This is a concept from War of the Worlds, cold greys and blues has been used to describe a dying world but the bright intense colours of the flames makes the image feel more dramatic and exciting.

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