Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Music Responses

I thought about what Simon said at the pitch of listening to music and really trying to understand what I feel when I hear it. This made me think of an experiement I had to work on in some early art days where we had to respond to classical pieces with colour and felt this would be interesting approach to begin exploring the emotion of the visuals.

I felt the music began as a cold soft tone that became over powered when the music went into more intense and dramatic tones. I tried to represent this through an abstract form as a clash/ struggle of colours trying to overpower and dominate. I feel the second image best describes the mood I was feeling and will try to incoporate shapes and work on top of the colours to see what results I get.


  1. Responding to music like this reminds me of the abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky, might be useful to look him up.

  2. hmmmm that could be interesting thanks Kayleigh