Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New Cell design/ Concept

I have changed the cells as Dr Klappa requested and I am now using Ciliated cells that are involved in the respiratory system. I have included a couple of examples below.

I liked the shape of this cell because it is clearly not a red blood cell anymore and will be correct for the animation for a virus to attack.

This is the new concept for the host cell, I didn't go for the bright blues in the above example because I felt this would clash with the icky feel of the virus so thought that these purples was good to form a clear distinction between the cell and virus. I may decide to brighten the alive cell/s in the animation so there is a stronger distinction between the before and after shot. I have included the progression stages below.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Adam - you've got a very 'spongy' style going on here - and I'd suggest your designs need a little more delineation of edge for purposes of impact - otherwise you've got a mashed potato aesthetic - and that's never good - just look at those silhouettes to see what I mean.