Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Influenza Model version 1

I decided to have a go at modelling the Influenza as I already knew how I wanted it to look and needed to experiment with how the geometery would give me the organic form in my idea.

Geometery WIP

I experimented with a variety of shapes, manipulating them to work out what worked better to understand how I could make the forms needed.

Unsmoothed Model

The basic unsmoothed model took a lot of twicking so that the anatomy didn't appear too symmetrical but felt it was started to come together. I used my original concept as a guide of how I wanted the model to look.


Smoothed Model
This is the wireframe and untextured model as it stands and I am happy with the result so far and is starting to resemble of how I wanted to envision the influenza. I still need to work back and make some refined adjustments to improve some of the geometery further.

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