Thursday, 19 May 2011

Scene 1 Trail playblast

Instead of repeating the process of the 'pre viz' I will produce trail playblasts that work with timing and how the scene is looking. I have produced the first scene, the grey plane is where the matte painting will eventually be placed and I have now made this opening a whole nine seconds to really take in the space and cells floating through it. Obviously I will add more cells in after effects and I might also replace the tube model with a layered 2D background just to open it up further but quite happy with the result so far.


  1. Wow! I really like the sense of space you've made by just the camera angle! Really nice.
    I like how daring your textures are too! They'll look pretty funky by the end :D
    As for being in a worrying position, do you have lots of different cells or just a couple? Also, do you have to animate them more than just a bit of rotation? The more you loop a couple of seconds of animation the more time you can save :P

  2. erm the cells themselves no it is the virus that will be the main problem

    thanks for your positive comment you have actually cheered me up and that is a mission in itself :)

  3. Hey Adam - yep, the space here is great - feels BIG! :D Great!

  4. thanks Phil just hope i can get the rest of the animation done in time .... slightly worried now