Tuesday, 27 September 2011

First Intial Sketches

I drew these designs before the lesson today and even though I know more after I did them, I still like the potiential in some of the designs. I wanted to push forward and just begin with something based on the image references found so far, I thought about what anatomcial shapes might work for the fantasy mutant characters.

Obviously this is very early stages and a lot of progression is needed but in the surrounding notes I have mentioned about costumes and how each three characters are going to have a certain look. For example I have decided that for the time being I like the idea of the sidekick being hunched over and have a bit of an akward anatomy as in the above two drawings, obviously I have to consider adding more comical values into the shapes. I will now work on the character synopsis of the hero, villian and sidekick to help me structure what I want the characters to look like and to give bit more of a boundary to keep returning to.

1 comment:

  1. I think it's very obvious that you took on board the shape theory based on these sketches. Keep doing what ur doing, don't force any edges or curves and at this stage, keep letting the subtlety of the shapes form a nice silhouette