Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Character Technical Classes 2 - Shapes

This week we learned about the basic shapes that make up a certain character. Square is a fixed shape and usually resembles a muscular character - the hero. Triangle is a pointed/spiky so it resembles dangerous - the villain. Circle or circular means harmless and soft - Sidekick. Sometimes these shapes can be combined to represent each character. 

The Task was to take a recognisable character and add new shapes to change the original characteristic but still keep the design as recognisable. Not as easy as it sounds but here are my attempts. 

Winnie The Pooh

The first attempt I didn't think about how I wanted to do it so added up as a Pooh/Piglet clash, the second time I decided to make the character muscular by trying to use square shapes. I feel this attempt is better but could of been moved on further if I had another opportunity.


This time I tried to make the character villainous by trying to change the shape of her body and making the lines more Spiky. This one presented more of a challenge because this character is already a strong design and defined by the pose in the original image, indicating that she is a powerful figure. I found it hard to keep the character's identity as Pocahontas because of how extreme the changes needed to be to make her now perceived as a villain.

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