Friday, 30 September 2011

@Justin Character Synopsis version 1

Characters Synopsis

I have included my story synopsis version 2 so that it can be viewed as one whole thing. Feedback is welcomed

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  1. Hi Adam,
    I think your second synopsis is much better, and is sufficiently vague to string out several series. I think you do have to look at your names though. Considering these characters come from a fantasy world, you need to make them less modern.For example, Dominatrix conjures up images of whip wielding, leather clad women, who "dominate". You may want to dwell on the shadow and darkness based power. Even something as simple as respelling Rick as Rik, makes it clear this is another planet

    Also I would think about the nature of the mutation. From your story, Rick seems to have developed positive "mutations" so I would , for the sake of simplicity, treat mutations as more monstrous transformations - those affected should be very obvious, including the villain. I Think its better to have the heroes powers be a natural part of his world - a mystical, magical effect, as oppose to the insidious mutations of the villain. I would really go to town with your villain here, obviously demonstrating the corrupting appearance if the mutations.