Friday, 30 September 2011

Notes from yersterdays group discussion

  •  News crew investigating
  • Maguffin - camera, after the batteries
  • Girl goes missing first
  • More people go missing
  • Military envolvement?
  • shadow suggestion for spider and characters
  • Someone eventually figures out the spiders need the electric on the outside
  • darkness - leap of faith - relaying on what they have with them e.g. torches
  • Sounds and movement in the darkness
  • Leap of faith - Last Crusade - audience brought into the illusion
  • Military base, science lab that goes underground
  • Sort out characters 'cast', location and spiders
  • Human Vision, Robot Spider, Camera Vision, Security Cam
  • Sees electric current - distinquish colours - sense
  • Redness - body temp
  • Motion detector - scanning lifeforms
  • electromagnetic, energy pockets
  • Detector goes awol as spiders draw closer to them
  • Hypercondriact character
  • Female (over reacting news reporter) silhetto sounds as she walks
  • spider 'electric sounds'
  • equipment suitable to scene - believable as a laboratory

  • Find a trailer thats similiar set up as our idea and break it up as a timeline, analyse

Films to watch
  • Acronophobia - 1994
  • Bug movies/ Swarm movies
  • Tarantula
  • Eight Legged Freaks
We have come a lot closer to a defined story structure and now have a good strong idea so all thats left is to go back and sort out who are cast is going to be, a better idea of the locations and the spiders but I feel the story is getting stronger all the time we are adding in little details the story is becoming clearer.

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