Sunday, 9 October 2011

Inspiration from animations

A series of stills of a graphic novel but using the classic techniques of fuzzy lines and soundtrack choice creates the sense of the 1950's period.


This gives a real sense of the rules of colour and unsual shapes, Also text has a distinctive classic bold style that is white or a striking colour such as yellow or red.

Technically this is 1960's but this has an interesting mash of layering the visuals using red and blue to 'colour' the world. Also this is more to the comic stylisation that we are considering.


This is a more hyperrealistic style animation that almost feels like a trailer, the way it is put together. This has more of what our group is looking for, bringing the 50's to present day because the worlds/ enviroments feel very modern but the design of the ships and cities have an art deco style and feel very 1950's. More text suggestions within this one that we may able to incoporate.

These example give a few options to design style and production techniques that we could take on board. I will push my research further into films of this period and how details of the world and characters looked to the style of design and features. I will also explore 'Art Deco' further because this could the style rule for the underground lab that has been hidden away from time.

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