Sunday, 9 October 2011

@Justin - Further Character Development

I have tried to resolve the names and mutations for each character

Further Developments for Characters @Justin could you please leave me another comment to tell me if I am any closer.


  1. Hi Adam,
    ok there is a danger here of having two many ideas for mutations and powers. I think they need to be focused more, otherwise the character designs could feel a little random. So heres a simplified solution:

    The villain is attempting to corrupt the planet, by poisoning the peaceful planet of (insert name), comprising of a number of mammal like humanoids who exist harmoniously with nature, and who can use a natural form of magic, each an extension of the characters spirit.
    As the toxins begin to infect the landscape, it is transformed and mutated, suitable to sustain the life of the villain, whose homeworld has been destroyed. The villain, and her mutant creatures, attempt to take over the world.
    Meanwhile a band of heroes, possessing magical powers, attempt to stop the villain, unpollute the lands that so far have been infected, and battle the monstrous mutants.

    The Hero posses the power of light, due to his courageous spirit - he can bring hope to the darkness, and cure the mutations

    The villain, appearing as a monstrous corrupted plant/reptile, has the power to corrupt the landscape, as well as form deadly barbs and acid, and be able to blend into her corrupted environment

    Now you may also want to think about your sidekick here. The chameleon ability is spot on for a heroic sidekick - emphasises its want top hide, rather than deal with things. I am not sure about an electrified tongue though.

    To have a little more fun, you may want to think of having your sidekick belong to the villain. Since the villain is pretty full on nastyiness, that would add a comic touch to her. Maybe the sidekick could have a barbed elongated tongue that keeps tripping it up.

    Anyway, i think you need to theme your characters, rather than they have an assortment of powers. It helps produce stronger designs

  2. And I really like the names - they sound pretty apt.If you were going to have the sidekick a villain, perhaps it is also knows a lot of languages, so it can act as a spy - Lingua also being similar to language