Thursday, 6 October 2011

Notes from Group Meeting today

  • Going in heavily armed with gadetery ultimately their downfall
  • start or end shot of phone ringing and light flashing and spider destroys
  • survivour character 'I am Legend' character, crazy
  • Tour scientist, corrupt
  • 1 camera man, eusthaustic, bossed by Presenter
  • technology - 'principle'
  • scientist having a logic to survive
  • Female Presenter 'victim' and has most gadgets
  • up to date but 50's feel
  • 'predator' story
  • logic of design style
  • 'Rules for World'
  • Graphic Novel, High res
  • shape rules based on character
  • colour rules
  • environment rules
  • criss-crossing of lights in shot
  • logic of spiders
  • 50's science equipment
  • modern characters entering old space
  • Know your universe and boundaries of it
  • wires damaged in walls logic for spiders crawling inside them
  • need stylisation
  • certain characteristics fixed to characters
  • Lab 'haunted house' feel, no one goes into because of rumours - derelict state, impregniable shell
  • 'Treasure map' scientist guy knows something as he leads them in
  • entering building with wrong/false knowledge - not full story
  • rumours reveal throughout journey
  • up to date gadgets - unintentional weapons that irrate 'brain waves' of spider
  • light flickers/ fuzzing to indicate white noise of camera - unintentional indicator to their presence
  • off screen noise to determine how they get in there
  • hear loud bang when they get down - doors close
  • turned off inside as spiders control power
  • characters need thier flash lights to see around the darkness
  • emergcy lights - safe zone, advantage and disadvantage of spiders
  • see them, light and humans in safe zone as red - cloaked
  • irony of escape for presenter, spider follows her and escapes with her to get her last gadgets - not in trailer
  • dotted emergcy lights to help characters hide from spiders
  • white light manipulated by spiders
  • montage with 'Fall' at end scene with existing scenes that came before - recycling

To do over next week and what has been agreed

  • Research 50's design, animation, objects, posters
  • Use this research as influence that can be brought into the design world of story
  • Final script
  • Find some voice over artists to read small passages of dialogue
  • Find some more sounds that might work with what we have already
  • 'World building' and design language - filter logic and style in drawing
  • Sum up words that identify trailer to formulate structure of story
  • Visuals - sketches and intial concepts
  • Final concepts - photoshop digital paintings for characters and environments
  • Rough storyboard
  • Final storyboard
Pitch requirements

  • Basic Art OF PDF showing research, sketches, concepts and storyboard
  • Movie animatic with soundtrack

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