Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Post Modernism week 3 - Lecture Notes

Introducing Post Modernism or The Apple, Auschwitz and The Incredulous Frenchman

  • Francis Galton - Four component faces
  • Auschwitz - corpses - world went mad and let it happen
  • set of images of that are the same but produced differently
  • meta - narratives = large scale philosophies of the world
  • Teleological - inherent purpose, direct principle at work in nature - 'coming to be' of something
  • Utopian - perfect place in social, political and moral aspects
  • Essentialist - regarding something universal
  • Modern - affirms humans to create, improve and reshape environment
  • Goal of creation of Modern society
  • Incredulous - disbelieving
  • Sir Issac Newton - deprives a 'principle of gravity'
  • Universe is mechanistic - opens the door of controlling what's around us
  • Universe as a vast machine of interacting objects
  • 'The Enlightenment Project' cutting through darkness to knowledge
  • Fanatical conversion of knowledge into rational systems
  • Lavatar believed dis juice machine running human soul read from physical head shape/ profile
  • Attempt to look at soul, windows of person's character
  • 'The muscle of Fright and Terror - looking at exterior at engine driving the muscles
  • Bertillion poster of physical features - variety but trying to find what is the same
  • careful observation and patience arrives at the truth
  • The Morally Best, the Most Beautiful, The Morally Worst, The Most Deformed

  • 'Facial Angles' - Appear to be true genuine profile of two models of society, divide and draw conditions
  • Indigenous faces of the Earth - Hierarchy of the perfect all the way down to primitive
  • Apollo Belvedere - hyper real depiction of the male form
  • Eugenics - study of attempting to improve human race by selecting breeding - remove bad genes
  • Modernist views - position and view of who's making decisions - Hitler returning German race as pure 'The Final Solution'
  • Ideology - Truth of the same idea
  • Science, economics and history has a guaranteed cycle of improvement that will be fixed but according to selected people
  • Essentialism - innate existence or universal vadility
  • A single correct mode of representation - what postmodernity fears
  • Thomas Ruff, other potrait - reminds of passport photo - document but nobody - made of different male and female features digitally - a question mark and undecideable
  • Post Modern is elusive as a concept
  • One profile trying to find an answer and truth Ruffs profile doesn't care, it was meant to be a question

  • Mulholland Drive - detective Film Noir - trying to find the truth to a question   

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