Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Thoughts on environments and technology in story

Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic

This is an example of a typical flash camera in the early 1930's, I felt it might reference for the news reporter characters and the giant flash bulb would be another source that attracts the spiders in our story.

As far as the security cameras go, I couldn't find something crediable to the time period but if the underground base is top secret then maybe it could all have a futuristic -  ahead of it's time feel.

The Laboratory could either be realistic like the real life examples or made more theatrical like the lab in Frankestein (middle image).

I looked at some of cocept art for underground labs and tunnels and there many ways we could adress the man-made and natural elements of this complex. I like the idea of metal walk ways like in the last image could be something to include for the characters to carefully balance across or could add to the intensity when the spiders come, they have to quickly get across the chamber.

Some more references of video cameras in the 30's - 60's style, possibly could include tripod creating the awkardness of having the news crew having to stop and film.

The motion detector, what needs to be considered is that the robot spiders re obviously going to show up as cold greens and blues as they don't generate heat unless we are going forth with the electricity idea. The equipment could be big and bulky like the top image generating a lot of power which would also attract the spiders.

I am thinking of maybe furistic looking environments where maybe early breakthroughs could be suggested but maybe keep the cast and the technology they have on them as the set time period.

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