Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Character Costume Experiments 2

This time I worked from the rough final designs I created for Leonis and Vipera to work from and also thought more about what colours to use.


I tried a few more variations of the drapped cloth and thought of orange and green as extra earthly colours, I asked some of my colleges and they preferred the orange design on the left as it looks most primitive and I think this would be most suitable to the character and practical. 


I tried to sort out the issue of the new body shape caused to my previous armour design and tried an extra colour of red armour. In terms of design I quite like the right image incoporating a lot of spikes but I would remove the ones on the gauntlets as I feel they no longer work and would choose purple for the colour, the original shade in the left idea which I carried across from the previous design.

With the costume issues sorted I will start constructing the basic concepts and produce colour ideas for the actual characters themselves as this is the last remaining part to figure out.

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