Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Postmodernism Lecture Notes week 9

Taming the Hydra

  • concept of post modernism is not widely accepted or understood
  • post modernism is a disputed term
  • dealing with why it is disputed term
  • dealing with it on a philosophical level - address the debate
  • Focus on 'one head of the hydra'
  • modernism is a trend thought affirming the power of human beings to create, improve and reshape their environment
  • need to deal with the 'modernism' to fully understand postmodernism
  • modernity begins with enlightenment project - possible beginning
  •  the thrust to find something final - the avant garde
  • real world that is fixed and we can get to
  • postmodernism seeks uncertainty, insecurity and doubt - open and unbound, corcerned with process of becoming
  • try and find transparent structure but end up with our own interpretation and self
  • introduce one of the people in the ideas e.g death of the author - Roland Barthes
  • Jean -Francois Lyotard - Meta narratives
  • Derrida - Deconstruction 'attack on tradition'
  • Jean Baudrillard - Hyper realism
  • Barthes believes what we think it means what does the cultural reference mean to us
  • 'Your world is constructed' - All text is quotations = common conclusion to all key ideas

  • All products are ideas taken from someone else
  • Lyotard - non linear, relative, plural
  • project of modernism went wrong - e.g. the holocaust, one definitive view on jews and gas chambers
  • failure of 'utopia' = Anti Enlightenment
  • Derrida attacks the structure of world through language - binary oppositions made cultural shows how created and structured and flexible they are
  • unreliable - in order to take a view, one has to disregard all others
  • Mise en abyme, a undecided cultural argument with no outcome
  • Baudrillard - reality created for us by media, advertising, consummers, etc
  • we are already living in the matrix, our world shaped by ideas given to us
  • truth is always relative to differing stand points
  • "we live, not inside reality, but inside our representation of it"
  • People's view and over arching goal creates a problem and asks 'who is the creator' 'who is telling you to live in their world'
  • e.g. M+S - hyper real food advertising
  • e.g. Neo becoming the one in The Matrix, he finally sees the code of that reality, deconstructs that world so he can make a choice of decisions he makes
  • once we reach enlightenment, human identity, social systems and the world are constructed from code
  • Dancer in the Dark - musical most structured genre - America - about the limits of genre deconstructs 'the musical' - self conciously questions itself


  1. you always take good notes, Adam! Very attentive - it doesn't go unnoticed! And I've also noticed your feedback on other people's blogs - very supportive and very constructive! :)

  2. Thanks Phil, the notes are my way of making sense of the ideas and theories around a subject and helps me out a lot especially for this essay

    Thanks again Phil I am trying to help out people where I can and I hope in turn they may also be able to solve any problems I have in other projects