Monday, 7 November 2011

Character Costume experiments

I have designed some different costumes according to the influence map or references to gain a better understanding of what they might look like. I have only done this for the hero and villain, as the sidekick no longer had a costume in his character bio.

I quite like the idea on the right because it feels more primitive and warrior-like, the colour needs work because I wasn't sure on the blue as looking at it now feels cold and I think the orange colours in the second idea might work with idea three better.

I like the middle idea on this page, I think this has good potential to add more in depth features of villainy, to become something very distinct and spiky. I also quite like the purple as I know the skin colour to my villain is probably going to be green to capture the natural snake-like/plant-like shade. I still a bit unaware on the carnival mask and I think the gauntlets need more developing.

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