Monday, 7 November 2011

First Sketches and ideas for props in environment/ scenes

I have taken screenshots from our animatic and started to search for references and designed potential ideas that could be used

Study Room

These are my designs for the radio, lamp and desk in There is a lot of possibilities of design for radio in terms of where dials and speakers could go. I quite like the idea of a lamp with an adjustable head so that the scientist who worked in there could look at his blue prints or papers clearly, the idea on the bottom left could fulfill this. For desks, I quite like the idea of drawers and locks fitted in somehow to show that the room is very organised and the feel that this space was once worked in.


 I chose the Elevator scene because this is a point in the trailer where the news crew's props are shown. I had a range of thoughts on this page but I think the designs that feel more current and up to date will work with the idea of them bringing the advanced technology along to get the job done successfully.



The Corridors will be a crucial environment within the trailer and I thought about some of the features needed such as the air vent, torches, emergcy lights and the torn wires dotted around. I found a really good image of a flood light with a metal grill covering it and felt this was good inspiration for the red emergcy lights as they seem to fit in an industrail facility. Wires, I thought of maybe having some parts frayed and enterwined. The vent cover could be basic but I quite like the top left design as it could fit into the abandoned retro-looking space.

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