Saturday, 19 November 2011

Progress on Final Sidekick (Lingua)

I have taken my final character to the stages of the other two, with basic pose and colours.

Silhouette for Lingua, based on the rough final idea, I made the tip of the tongue more pointed as he is meant to have a barbed tongue but rounded it to keep to the guidelines of a sidekick.

Black and white toned

These are the colour tests for Lingua I struggled as to what colour I could have as it is a Chameleon so all could be right. I tried green, purple and yellow but also in the blue idea I tried different flecks of colour and a light blue tongue but feel this idea is too busy and visualises the tongue as electrified.

This is the one I chose because the colours identify that the character is working for the villain. I need to tweak the pose slightly, the closest arm needs to be higher and maybe change the eye shape.

I now need to refine and sharpen my characters, giving them outlines to get three finished characters. The silhouettes may change which I will add to the progression stages if needed. I have enough for my characters now to produce the final expression sheet and body action poses so is a case of more refinement and tweaking to produce three overall characters.

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