Monday, 7 November 2011

References for Environment 'Props'

I gathered a lot of research while sketching out ideas for specific props so I have made another post containing more thoughts of how they could work visually.

Desk Lamp

The bottom example was used more for industrial use but feels bulky so as mentioned in my ideas, I like the idea of it being more flexible and pratical similarly to the top image.


The radio will be the first important visual aid that the space the characters are entering is an abandoned 50's complex and as Alan discussed in the meeting it needs to be the right radio. The top example feels too antique so the middle or bottom image is the sort of the design style I suggest because they are light and won't overtake the desk in the first shot.

Table/ desk

Looking at 1950's tables/ furniture, I found great examples that incoporate the idea of drawers down the sides and padlocks which could indicate more important or private files hidden away. It also creates the idea that the owner of the study is very official and organised.


I found some interesting references for loose and frayed wires, the top image gives a good influence as to how the 'metal webs' could be formed with all the wires looping and connecting. I also like the idea in the middle image with a destroyed object e.g. light hanging togehter by a few loose wires. This could be considered in the corridor environment. 

News crew Props

As dicussed in the ideas, maybe have current technology in terms of what they are bringing with them. Also need to know how many of the crew are wearing head phones, I suggest the camera and soundman. 


Lights are another feature indicating the 50's style, the ceiling lights I feel need to be simplistic but also have the essence of the lab and what they built there. The middle image almost has the idea of the spider's eye and could be where the scientist got the idea to make them in the first place. The bottom image is the sort of design I felt might work for the emergcy lights because I like the shape and the grill covering it and could imagine these placed in various points of the corridors. 


Torches will be another object the news crew bring with them and again need to consider what is pratical and how up to date they would be. I think possibly something like the middle example, something that gives off enough light so that the spiders could draw attention to and has a handle.

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