Monday, 19 December 2011

Environment Prop Textures

I have taken the group's advice on colour scheme and looked at my research material as guidence. I have created texture maps where relevant but also used a lot of simple textures to keep to the style.

@Dayle and Sean - Let me know what you think so far, I can't get the dial to come out clear on the radio so may try something different there and I will resolve the issue with the desk as there is a section where the texture missed (Unless the bottom of the desk is not seen in the shot) Please Comment back your thoughts

Radio Textured

Radio Colour

Radio Bump

Radio Spec


Desk Textured

Desk Colour

Desk Bump
Desk Spec


Lamp Text

Lamp Colour

Lamp Bump

Lamp Spec


Flashlight Textured

Flashlight Colour
Flashlight Bump

Flashlight Spec

Emergecy Light

Emergecy Light Textured

Emergecy Light Colour

Emergecy Light Bump

Emergecy Light Spec


Lights Textured Front

Lights Textured Underneath

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