Monday, 6 February 2012

@Alan - Aims for idea

I have narrowed down between two books and to try and help, I decided to list what each book would give as a positive and negative for the project:


Target Audience 12+ – Young Teenagers - Adult


Artemis Fowl

Good Points

• Characters can easily be refined and simplified

• Strong Magical genre and would work well as a game

• Good connection between a fantasy and human world

• Has a lot of weapons, armour, etc to include as progression for a character to develop

• The Hidden world of Haven could be interesting to design – taking something real such as a police station and then adapt to fantasy

Bad Points

• Range of characters might be limited

• A lot of main characters to choose from

The Demon Thief

Good Points

• Good range of characters for either side

• Environments could vary especially when visualising the demon realm as changes throughout the book

• Characters could be refined and simplified

• Spells/ skills could develop

• Narrative is strong to allow more imaginative alterations

• Would work as a RPG due to it’s diversity

Bad Points

• A lot of main characters

• Works as Horror Genre as well as fantasy so audience might be limited by this

I am still not sure about whetther a character or environment but wondered if I could produce a character with environment if there was enough time or which one to go for
but if I am honest I can see Artemis Fowl in a refined style compared to other book
But The Demon Thief has more diversity to work with
I will now think about this further to make a clear decision of which would best suit my idea and needs

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