Friday, 10 February 2012

@Alan - More thoughts on Project

I have some more ideas that I have thought of so will put up a series of posts to explain potiential routes, I will probably see you early next week when I know more about what I want to do but if you any thoughts or concerns then please comment so that I can bring a stronger idea to you on tuesday.

Intial Thoughts

These are just some themes and suggestions I have mind mapped to give me suggestions of what to look for.

  • English Traditional Story/ Legend

  • Robin Hood
  • Arthurian Legend - Could that turn darker?
  • Free Masonry/ Crusades
  • Fables
  • Fairy Tales/ Nusery Rhymes

  • Chinese folk lore

  • Japanese culture

  • Roman Myth

  • Myth and Legend stories

  • something well known
  • Loch ness Monster
  • Yeti

  • Greek Mythology

  • Underworld Environment might be interesting
  • Gods might be interesting to refine and re interpretate
  • Pandora's Box - This is quite an interesting story

  • Still image/ Artwork

  • Jackson Pollock - painting technique is random dripping that looks quite spiky and could influence a darker character
  • Mark Rothko - very dark and emotional painting style

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