Friday, 3 February 2012

@Alan - New Ideas

I have found three books that have potential examples of what was discussed in the tutorial I have glanced over to pick out characters, environments, etc to give a brief overview of each book.

Artemis Fowl


Holly - elf  'fairy - like' in appearance
nut brown skin, cropped auburn hair and hazel eyes
has magic ability

Mulch - dwarf, jaw can extend to help to dig through earth

Commander root - boss at LEP
Face turns purple when angry

Foaly - Centaur
inventor of LEP armour, weapons, etc

Artemis - 12 years old
criminal mastermind

Butler - middle aged
Artemis's bodyguard

Other characters include gnomes, trolls, goblins


Underground, hidden from human sight

LEP Recon - elite branch of Lower Elements Police

Haven - World underneath

Surface World - Human

Fowl Manor - Artemis's home and base


Artemis takes fairy to ransom and discovers hidden world
LEP undertake missions below e.g. Troll Problem
Towards end Artemis and magical beings become allies  

 Demonata - The Demon Thief


Kernel/ Cornelis Fleck - human, teenager
sees lights and makes them into shapes that later become portals to demon realm

appear with blue light
all kinds of creatures (broad concept of what they could look like depending on part of world they inhabit

Sharmilla - human
Indian, wears a sari

Bernabus - human, older
leader, has a beard

Cadavar - demon
thief - steals children

Raz - human - black

Disciples - resistance against demons

Nadia - human, blond
disciple but turns to side of demons

Shark - human

Deversh - human
Large purple spiky hair

Lord Loss - leader of demons
snakes in stomach
no legs - hovers

Vein and Artery
dog-like and hellish child - like forms


Castle - Lord Loss
Demon World - bright, vivid colours, corpses, trees that attack, demonic, deadly world
Chess challenge world - a world constructed by Lord Loss where people and demons are play pieces and perils await

Cadavar steals baby and group battles demons to retrieve but baby is actually Artery


Stephanie/ Valkyrie Edgley - teenage girl
dark hair, clothes, elemental magic

Skulduggery pleasant - walking skeleton
detective dress, elemental magic

China - older
tattoos causes her to chant magic

Serpine - evil sorcerer
wields the sceptre of the Ancients

Tanith Low - young adult 20 - 25
wields a sword

Sorcerers, sages, mythical beasts e.g zombies, vampires, hollow men, etc

Cleavers dressed in white prevent people seeing magical incidents, protect them, etc


Gordon Edley's house - hidden compartments
Sanctuary - base of sorcerers and sages
Waxwork museum


Serpine steals sceptre of the Ancients and turns back on the order, skulduggery and Valkyrie ally themselves to stop him

@Alan - I quite like the Demon thief book or the Artemis Fowl suggestion that I made in the tutorial because there are wider ranges of possiblities so would one of these be suitable?

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