Tuesday, 7 February 2012

@Alan - Transcription - More Decision Making

After a long time rethinking and reshaping my ideas, I have come to the conclusion that I would prefer to chose Character design for game as I am not entirely confident in designing environments and had a long battle of trying to describe the space.

I feel for now that I should focuss on characters because I really enjoyed the character project despite struggling with it and I want to try and produce some strong and stylistic characters by the end of transcription and hope to develop more skills in designing strong basic shapes that work.

I have picked three characters for Artemis Fowl and the Demon Thief to help decide what would be more interesting for me.

Artemis Fowl


  • young - 12 years old
  • evil genius
  • curious about hidden world
  • arch enemy turned ally
  • Sidekick: Butler is his guardian like older brother


  • traits of hero
  • elf/ fairy
  • key character
  • auburn cropped hair
  • high-tec gear sometimes prototypes
  • nut brown skin
  • protector and presever
  • 0.5 - 1 ft tall

  • dwarf
  • works for both sides
  • interesting
  • gold or jewels influences him
  • jaw can extend
  • 2 - 3 ft tall

The Demon Thief

Kernel Fleck

  • human
  • tanned skin
  • male
  • close shaven head
  • brown eyes
  • thin
  • magic ability

Lord Loss

  • pale red
  • lumpy
  • leader of demons
  • multiple arms and hands
  • no legs so therefore floats
  • throne - like hover chair
  • snakes in stomach

  • familiar of Lord Loss
  • central to story group follows him for child he stole
  • can pentrate through objects
  • green
  • gangly
  • orange eyes
  • hairy

I think I will consider the Demon Thief set as I prefer this book over the other one and might be quite interesting to work on something a bit different.

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