Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Some of the old Myths of Jack Frost

Jack Frost
1.       Jack Frost is an elfish creature who personifies crisp, cold weather. Jack is said to leave patterns in the autumn leaves and the patterns in the frost that are left on windows. It is thought that Jack Frost comes from Norse mythology as Jokul who was the cause of icicles

2.       Some folks today, assume old Jack Frost is responsible for changes in leaf color. The mythical Jack Frost brings reds and purples to the forest by pinching the leaves with his icy fingers. The hues of yellow, gold, and brown are mixed on his paint palette and applied with quick broad strokes of his brush as he silently moves among the trees to decorate them.

3.       Jack Frost (Norse myth) by tlsledge
An elfish figure from Norway,
Who likes cold, folklore says,
He works magic on cold days,
On the Earth, he has his way.

His Norse name is Jokul Frosti,
Ice on windows he makes lacy,
With ice he makes leaves dressy,
Father Frost makes winter fancy.

In Russia he's Father Frost, a man,
Germany thinks winter is via woman,
Jack Frost, in America, is a man,
Norway's, Jokul Frosti, is Ice Man.

Terry L. Sledge

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