Friday, 3 February 2012

Tutorial 1 with Alan

After having a discussion with Alan of my initial ideas of the Jabberwocky, I realised I was doing something to satisfy the brief but NOT my needs for career hopes and what I am interested in

Therefore I have now decided to focus in an area of Computer Games for my pipeline and look at adventure fantasy genre titles that would be best work with my skills gained so far and that could be stylised to be refined

However I still  haven't decided whether to produce characters, an environment or a game for the finished piece so decided to look into some different examples of books I have read and hopefully pick something to begin a pipeline with.

These are some notes that I took away:

  • Jabberwocky would be too big and ambitious to attempt at this stage
  • Interested in computer game design / animation
  • think of a more refined, simplistic project
  • Characters with simple base shapes that can be repeated
  • fantasy based
  • I prefer adventure/ action/ fantasy based games
  • RPG's might be option if source allows this
  • Look at examples were refined styles have been used to resolve this
  • Artemis Fowl, Demonata, etc
  • decide if character or environment would be more suitable
  • could try a bit from both if allowed
  • Need to find books that I could use and post up suggestions and try and make a decision before next tutorial
  • Research cute/ refined/ simplistic characters, styles, etc for influence

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