Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Ideas for Channel Sting 1

These are ideas I came up with yesterday, I shall update and create a complete list when I have more ideas into a Scribd document.

Ideas for Channel Stings


·        A group of space ships flying and attacking a block of ... and their lasers, missiles or ... blow chunks out and then camera pans to show the logo formed from it.

·        An alien trying to capture logo and thinks it has upper hand but then logo turns back and engulfs creature

·         A substance – like form engulfing a city/ planet/etc, then it grows up until it forms logo

Time Travel

·        A flash of new logo and then vanishing through time-machine like object (or logo itself could be time machine), flash of electricity and then returns to old logo – to simulate the travel

·        Character gets zapped into the future and looks up and sees on bill board or advertising tower ‘SyFy Time Travel Week’

·        Begin in a simple – like place or character starts as fresh colour contemporary but then shifts into black and white – screen could become grainy, lines on screen and then fade into logo

·        Object/ character teleports from white space to futuristic – like planet – bright colours, etc and then forms change through interference into old fashioned man – made – like world e.g gears rotating that pushes up the logo

·        A portal that starts up (Star Gate – like), an old object comes through and then transforms into new logo (or alternative)

Classic Sci Fi

·        A b-movie like space ship files through futuristic city/ or no space and then propels beam so that the logo forms

·        A scene from classic film used for foundation of sting e.g pod – like creatures from war of the worlds attacking and react this through another character

·        Logo could glow cheesy Sci Fi green and project light onto surface casting Logo on it

·        Massive purple blob substance rises up as watery – like dripping and covering space which then pans round to focus on b- movie style ship coming in using it’s laser to destroy the blob, the remains form together to create logo

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