Friday, 27 April 2012

Ideas for Channel Sting 2

I used the images from the influence map to help me to create fresh ideas so I tried to push each theme and come up with some new ideas while it was fresh.


·        Camera pans in a Post Apocalyptic City and sees small creature running across and crashes into logo and turns into dust

·        Ship hovers near a cloud, a noise grows closer and an alien ship peers through and shoots it with a laser, the ship disintegrates and then reforms into logo

·        A small character looks out to see alien swarm flying towards it, so character runs away and escapes them. The character stops and signs but then a bunch of shadows and lights of the swarm cover the ground surface and slowly land, fades into logo

·        Character feels something strange inside of it as it squirms. Character explodes into a mass of alien mess and the logo emerges covered in it

·        A giant robotic form stomps across a Post Apocalyptic City and sees something small hiding away, robot pokes it and logo comes out and grows to become bigger than robot and then logo taps robot to make it dissolve into particles

Time Travel

·        Small character looks at an oval portal and steps into it halfway to see a past world, character tries to struggle back to it’s world but portal entraps it completely

·        Small character looks at a clock and touches it, it unravels and loops round the character and then both disappear  

·        Character bumps into logo and wisps of colour emerge from it and engulfs character in light and both spin in a chaotic pattern of swirls and then emerge at new place with the character dizzy and then camera pan across to logo

·        A laboratory from the future with electric pylons powering up and then one giant flash and a dinosaur (or something else from the past emerges )  

·        A character bounces around and then spins around quickly and colour patterns swirl around it. The character stops and discovers it is in the past or future

Classic Sci Fi

·        Character looks curiously at pod-like object and goes inside, door closes behind it and flies off screen

·        Flying saucer hovers and bumps into logo, the saucer transforms into words ‘Classic Sci Fi Week’

·        A small character walks by hillside and hears a noise, a giant b-movie creature e.g. ant crawls up and creature screams and runs from it and bumps into another of the creatures and forms into logo

·        Small insect such as dragonfly hovers over to the logo and taps it, the creature enlarges and flies straight at the screen. Flashes black and then logo appears

·        Stationary robot sits in one spot, logo zaps it with electric spark and then robot moves around logo moving manically and then heads straight to the camera and exits scene

·        A curious cheesy robot looks at logo and then jumps onto it. When the two make contact, the robot splits into smaller versions of itself

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