Saturday, 28 April 2012

Ideas for Channel Sting 3

This time I got my inspiration from the images I gathered from the advertising book and incoporated an element of Sci Fi to them.

I shall now make a post combining all the ideas together as a scribd document to help to start pick through them and try some early visuals of the better ones.


·        An Aftermath city with junk/ metal scraps that all react and join together t form an alien craft which flies towards the camera and pans round to see a group of them fly off in the distance. Followed by logo

·        A normal town where a substance gets poured over and transforms everything in it’s path into a gooey form and becomes animated by it – the gooey forms run up the screen and form together to create the logo

·        An alien city where massive of cracks appear and a range of alien – like vines shoot up and wrap around and consume it, small pollen lights float up and off screen which the camera follows and they light up the logo

·        A character crashes into the logo and breaks into multiple alien – like forms that run towards the camera

·        A small child character founds a small creature such as a lizard or monkey and tries to go up and stroke it but then the creature forms it’s wings and flies off, the child looks up to see a whole group flying above them. Followed by logo

·        A robot makes a shape in the shadows which is copied and then makes a new shape that the shadow doesn’t copy but instead turns into a hand and pulls it through the wall. Followed by logo

·        A small dog character sniffs a pile of rubble and licks it which transforms it into an army of robotic dogs (through static charge) and chases the normal dog off the screen. Followed by logo

Time Travel

·        A character stares at a poster on a wall and leans on it. It falls through into another world/ time and the logo rises from the centre – camera zooms into logo

·        A character walks into a tunnel and combination of swirling colourful lights fill the inside as it walks through. At the other end it walks into a new world/ time zone

·        Character steps into an elevator and presses the button and goes up, the elevator pushes into a new place and lands into past/ future

·        Character walks up to an exhibit of a futuristic car, etc and walks through it and turns back to see a very old version of it indicated that the character has time travelled. Followed by logo

·        A character walks into a museum and a flash of electricity or a glow of light/s and the exhibits come to life and a few forms of the past run across the screen. Followed by logo

Classic Sci Fi

·        An object first seen as normal and then a b-movie like form e.g. plant monster grows from it and takes it over. Followed by logo

·        A hand wonders onto screen and walks into another robotic one, the robotic hand realises particle jets and hovers off and the other hand looks at it in wonderment. Followed by logo

·        A robot/ character looks at an exhibit set in the future of an unusual object, turns it’s back and an alien noise occurs, the character looks back and the object has gone. The object has become a ship and flies off screen behind the character. Followed by logo  

·        A noise of hammer hitting metal leads the camera in to view a real – like hand and then moves across to show it is connected to a robotic arm – building a machine, ship, etc. Followed by logo

·        A robot stands in front of a metal form of canvas and fires up it’s laser and the noise crackles as it works into it. The laser shuts down and then the camera focuses on the artwork which is the logo  

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