Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Research on SyFy and Thoughts

SyFy is a more ownable trademark compared to the previous version known as Sci Fi. Sci Fi became too generic so the brand changed so that it could be portalable to all digital platforms such as Itunes and it's 'umbrella' name could extend the banner as SyFy Games, Films and Kids.

An average audience of 3million people, the channel focusses on the themes of Fantasy, Paranormal and Horror to combine imaginative worlds for new creative ideas for shows. They adopt the title 'Imagine Greater' as their identity to gain the audience's reaction and excitment that they can experience when viewing their shows.


'Imagine Greater' responds to a fantasy hyper real so I need to concious of this when designing

I found a designed character (possibly in the development stages) that was used for the ID for Sci Fi in an earlier design and this might be useful to also consider if I decide to incoporate a small character/being in the channel sting.

Dvein updates:
1. Introduction of the curious and monocular “Sapojo” character in an ID for SyFy (seen above), directed and animated by Dvein, music by Flow Audio.

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