Monday, 21 May 2012

Channel Sting Previz

As I had all components modelled and useable, I decided to construct a previz version of what the Sting/Ident could look like as time is running out and this gives a glimspe of the set up. The camera, I placed slightly off centre to make the view more interesting than dead straight. I am still not sure where to place the logos as the renassaince one is slightly harder with it's wings. I took Alan's advice about simple on and off key frames as a basic arrival, the future one may be off screen but the sound will be recognisable before plunging and crushing the other logos. I created simple particles for the fire to remain right until the future logo's dramatic entrance.

In terms of timing, I roughly want each arrival to be two seconds so that there is enough time for the effect and each logo to appear. The future logo will be quicker as that is just a fall. I may decide to make the logo at the end longer as one second might be too fast to take in and that is the important part announcing the 'themed' week.

There is no sound at this stage because although I have music samples I could use, I think I now need sound effects to drive it forward but I need to research and found the right ones for each arrival and the fire crackling.

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