Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sting Completion List

After having a chat with Alan, he pointed out that the designs need that extra level to represent the different things more effectively and has changed my aim to maybe not having a full finished piece but maybe use this project to get the design values right and have everything created but maybe worry about animation and all that comes after it later.

My plan is to work through a list of activities and move down it as much as possible and not skip valuable designing for the sake of getting the project complete. I aim to at least have a representation through a previz complete by the crit to give an idea of what it might of looked like.

I will highlight each task green as I complete them to look at how much time I have and what I have achieved.

  • Victorian design - work back into with rivets and make shapes more pipe look
  • Model Victorian logo - Using kit build method, lattice, etc to mould the same pipe to make them appear different, etc
  • Present - work in chrome - like texture - small black - like screens and glossness
  • Model present Logo
  • Da Vinci - more wood - like add texture, tweak shapes to match logo better
  • Model Da Vinci Logo
  • Prehistoric Logo - make stones more constructed like blocks of stonehenge
  • Model Prehistoric logo - stone, use lattices to tweak shapes, cloth use polys then n cloth to make drop and then delete n cloth
  • Environment  - rule of thirds - pull in guides as demonstrated in diagram to get everything played right, more detail and establish horizon line
  • Model environment and place camera so it's ready in right position
  • UV Layouts - get models approved first and then move quickly to layout UV's needed
  • Victorian Texturing - Brass texture or Mia material same for rivets, creative crash to download velvet and play with colour settings in hypershade
  • Renaissance - wood texture and hat
  • Present  - Mia materials - preset metal brush shader and thin black layers for glass
  • Future - colours derive from Star Trek Lang so colours of uniform, phaser, maybe block colour as base for letters
  • Prehistoric - cloth - like texture/ patches, rock - like texture
  • Environment - clean whiteness as in concept, fire coloured to signify importance, small textures on rocks, etc to make clearer what they are


  • Previz with finished type models (stage they are at), using on and off screen to determine when each logo needs to come on and where, maybe add some effects in through particles to show different types
  • Renaissance arrival - hand craft - lego brick style?
  • Victorian - smoke/ steam
  • Present - downloaded
  • Future - Star Trek 'beam in' like


  • Combine passes - beauty, AO, effects, etc
  • Play with sounds gathered and fit in where best - maybe underlaying music
  • Improve effects so add extra on top of what is present
  • Render out movie in AE

  • Disk Artwork
  • Cover Artwork
  • Disk Printed
  • Making Of
  • PDF of Blog
  • All work saved to disk

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