Monday, 2 July 2012

Observational Drawings Week 5

Last week I used Willow Charcoal, which I found more useful to become more fluid.


  1. Definitely some big improvements Adam! Keep it up :D

  2. Hi Adam.. I want to ask you a question about rendering in Maya.. I need to know how can I render a scene in flat color like what you did in that post:
    Thanks in advance

    1. Rendering Flat Colour Pass all in scene except lights
      2. Create ambient light and go in it's settings, and put Ambient shade to 0
      3. Render Settings - maya software - Raytracing quality - right click 'Raytracing' and select Create Layer Override and untick

      Here is a link to a video if this is unclear, watch it about 2 - 3 minutes in should show you this hope it helps

      then scroll down to 'Render Layers: Part 2 (Advanced Software Passes)'

    2. thanks very much Adam.. I really appreciate your help.. I add to this that my search led me to discover that you can achieve the same result using Render Settings- mental ray and choosing the diffuse material color pass

      the only difference is that rendering using mental ray results in a little bit darker image

      the blog is private :D so um trying to figure out a way to send the author an email to invite me :)

      I have another questions.. do you use the mental ray render for the other passes such as ambient occlusion or do you do that using the maya software

      thanks very much

    3. Not a problem and which blog are you using because I saw that you have four altogether but couldn't figure out which one you were using more often

      In regards to your other question you should be able to do most render passes in either mental ray or software as far as I am aware

      but if you are doing something like effects e.g. particles, etc then you will have to override this as mental ray :)

    4. Thanks Adam.. I haven't been using anyone of them for a long time now :D
      But here is the one with the most posts, although it is in Arabic :D

    5. Ok I have added your blog to my favourites as I couldn't find a follow link so if you have any other questions then you can write them on my blog or yours and I shall help where I can :)