Thursday, 27 September 2012

Drawing/ Design skills

Alan advised that I review the designs and drawings I have done before to work out where I have excelled in the past and there are bits in some projects that I was happy with and showed potential so have listed where I think I have achieved as a guide.

  • Prop designs in Narrative project
  • silhouettes in transcription 
  • Virus design in Commission 
  • Design of Jack Frost and Vipera - although wasn't strong it had something in movement, personality and posture
  • expression sheets in Character design 
  • some of the earlier sketches and ideas of the marine guardian over the summer
  • Model and Metaphors - design of logos 
  • design of Robot spiders in Narrative project - except for body language could of been improved (more hunched over and spider like)
  • Concept design for Below and Above Arctic in Story telling project 
  • Mush room forest in Space project - in capturing an alien world and unfamiliar setting 
It is hard to say where I have excelled except for certain moments in projects but gives an idea at what I have improved on etc. 

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