Friday, 5 October 2012

Market Research 4 - Gaming Interactivity Rules

I had a chat with Alan today and explained that I now needed to figure out the rules in how the players will engage with the game and what sequence that would follow. I found a book in library that gives some points to consider when creating an interactive story world.

Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling

  • stories for young children are certainly simple, but full range of stories is characterized by complexity of themes and story structure

  • 'As far as stories are concerned, hand - eye coordination is for kids'

  • some games include puzzles and some revolve around them

  • user should be able to make lots of dramatically interesting decisions

  • bundle together all consequent events as part of reaction to protagonist's decisions

  • interactive storyworld can have chunks of non interactive exposition but have to be necessary to set up next stage of interaction

  • Think 'story world' instead of plot line as it has dramatic possibilities, revolving around a central theme and exploring all variations

  • Gaming structure - Start _ Clip_Stop_Puzzle (repeated)

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