Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Act Live Commission Speed Paint Challenge Brief

The other we were Briefed on a challenge:

In response to a musical extract posted daily on the group blog, you are challenged to produce synesthetic-style digital paintings that seek to 'visualise' what you're hearing and feeling.  You are encouraged to work quickly and freely with an emphasis on abstraction.  There are no 'right' responses or preferred outcomes.  Indeed, this commission celebrates subjectivity.  We want to be able to say that these paintings represent what a diverse community of creatives 'saw' when they listened to the same piece of music - so diversity of technique, approach and visual vocabulary is good.

In order to keep things consistent between all of us, we need to adhere to the same standard set-up in PhotoshopAll paintings are to be created according to the following set-up:

4800 x 2700 pixels  
300 ppi

Your paintings are to be saved as PSD files, containing all of the layers created during the challenge.  Your paintings should NOT be flattened.   
As you create your synesthetic paintings, we want you to create new layers frequently, so the 'build up' of your final digital painting is 'recorded' and can be 'unpacked' into multiple images or frames.  

Your file name should include your full name and challenge number:

Should you produce more than one painting in response to a particular daily challenge, please number your PSD files accordingly: 


When you've completed your digital painting(s), you need to do 2 more things:    
1) upload your unflattened PSD files to your allocated Dropbox folder, which you will have been invited to share via the email address you've provided.  
2) upload your completed digital painting(s) to your individual blog entitled 'CGAA - ACT Speed Paint Challenge' and include the number of the challenge; i.e. 'CGAA - ACT Speed Paint Challenge 1'. 

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