Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Interim Crit Presentation and Feedback

I have a lot still to do but I hope with a lot of hard work I will be able to achieve something before I finish the course below are just a few points that were suggested to take forward.

  • I could make the villain a playable character as well so that the gamer can get the best of both sides to the game 
  • The toy characters could become props for the villain so that they will both have something with them in the turnaround and would only have to model, texture and light them leaving the main focus on the characters and getting them right
  • Scrap the block models made and go back to drawing and keep trying to get different views right until happy then begin to block out from the references and and work into them to get finished models 
  • Work out a system to get more work done quicker so that I don't run out of time (perhaps a daily goal list might work so that I am producing a range of stuff each day)
  • The walk cycles might be a step too far? so I could try and get a couple of play blasts done just to show the kind of walk each elf would use and then focus on the walk cycles after the submission for me to have as extra on the demo reel?

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