Friday, 1 March 2013

Tutorial Week 7

Managed to see Alan earlier so that I can work forward for the crit Monday sooner

Alot of the issues was with the block models as I got the front view right but didn't take into account of what the side view could be.

Also with Ralph's hat I need to think of it as straight on then bend the top part round to get that more correct with my concept.

The design of both of the elf's ears could also be more graphical to fit what I have done for the rest of the design e.g a line that forms into a small square.

I also have a list of things I would like develop on over this week

I need to design a front cover and page layout for my Art OF as first draft for the crit

I have to finish block models and draw out turnarounds ready for modelling

Get the shapes for the toys right and start playing around with palette

Try and get some expressions for the elves drafted

Try to block model toys and create thier turnarounds if time

Aim to have a finished concept for both Elves and Toys

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