Thursday, 28 October 2010

Art of Star Wars episode 3

These above images are concepts for the planet Corrusant, I like the organic buildings and use of multiple glass windows as it creates the illusion of a entertainment city centre with a lot of life happening within. The towers and offices look really alien - like with alien energy pulse in the centre, the use of characters gives us an idea of the overall scale and how populated the environment is.

These concepts are of felicia which is an organic space jungle, I specificly like the above of the three images because the plants remind me of toadstools/mushrooms that is relevant to my concept. It also helps me think about colour scheme because here they have earth reds, brown and green to define the plant forms and the jungle space around it.

These are concepts for Mustafar the volcanic planet in the film this is also relates to one of my extracts because the scene is dark illuminated by the reflection of the lava, with strange cave rock formations surrounding it. I really like the third image with the lava spewing up and the thin rock bridge because the potiential ideas could fit into my environment. Using less amount of light sets the tone and describes how the environment is illuminated by fire.

This is a concept for Utapah, a planet of cliffs and bridges, I liked this one in particular because all the bridges meet up to one specific point, the idea of multiple possiblities. I also like the stagalitites forming underneath because you can understand the structure and rock form better. this image also feels cave - like so might be useful to inspire my environments.

This research came from a book from the library titled 'The Art of Star Wars Episode 3' and could be used in my essay because I have to look at preproduction of a film/game and there is a lot of sources used on the environment, characters and stage design so there would be a lot to include and talk about.

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