Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Art of Star Trek

These are the concepts of the ships and what they look like on the exterior and in the interior, I like the impressive organic machine look in these designs and is what orignally drew me to the film. I feel this research also has potiential for my essay because I could also look at the historical context of the original tv production how technology advanced and link together.

This concept of the Star Fleet acemedy reminded me of similar architecture that you would see in London such as the O2 Arena because it sticks out for it's unsual shape. I like the structure of this building because it is very contemporary and has features of a space ship.

These are concepts of the planet Vulcan and it's destruction and similar to the Mustafar concepts in Star Wars, it is very rocky and volcanic. I prefer the structure of the rock formation in the second image because there layers of detail and look like it belongs on another planet. There is alot of inspiration I can take from these ideas for my environments. The research came from a book in the library called 'The art of Star Trek'.

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