Thursday, 14 October 2010

Experimenting with Photoshop

This is an idea I have sketched out recently and felt I should see what it is like as a digital image, I have used some of the techniques that I learnt in the tutorials, including blocking in a silhoutte to gain the basic anatomy and overlaying different tones to build up colours. I tried a neutral background and shadow so that the hybrid really stands out. I like this outcome and with a bit more work this could potientially become a final idea. I thought about skin deformaty by adding the wrinkles of a vulture that I could add over the entire body.

I produced this idea more quickly just to incoporate the form and length of the wings and the introduction of the scene. There are a few errors with this outcome including the colour of the wings blend in to the dead tree in the background also the neck and head position needs more attention. I could also include a carcass that the hybrid is heading towards/ feeding from to add to the dead/ empty wasteland themed habitat.

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