Saturday, 16 October 2010

Final idea

Left angle

Left Side


Right angle

Right Side


I finally decided on a final idea and pose for the hybrid and I created these turnabouts to see what angle and pose I wanted. I haven't got the perspective right in some of the sketches but I was concerntrating more on the concept and how it would look. I chose the right angle view because I think it is more dynamic and you can see a good anatomical structure. I erased the teeth because they made no sense in the splice but I am happy with my choice and will make a few twicks in the process of creating my final piece.

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  1. Hey Adam,

    It hasn't escaped my attention that you've working hard and posting frequently; I get a real sense that you're trying to capture the sense of your hybrid; this latest set of drawings really reminded me of the Harpy illustration from Ulyssis Aldrovandi's Monstrorum Historia, 1642. Perhaps there might be an argument for presenting your portrait in a similar way? Take a look at the Monstrorum Historia and see what you think.

    I still think your approach needs greater refinement and sophistication; there's still something a bit 'mashed potatoey' about your anatomy - I don't yet get a sense that there's a bone structure underneath it, or that any weight is being distributed through the legs etc. All of that said, there is a marked improvement between these later ideas and your earliest, and that's very positive. I suppose I'm just pushing you onwards; technically, I just think you could still develop your understanding of your/its anatomy still further. I also suggest that you produce more detailed head studies; consider the approach others have taken where they take the time to generate a proper self-portrait, and then, via a series of drawings, morph between that image and your vulture, choosing some of the middle drawings to develop further...