Sunday, 17 October 2010

More structure to final idea

I looked at the comment I received about the idea not having much structure so I refered back to the skeletons and using these images as a template, I drew my final idea on top to get the right anatomy. I think these two ideas look a lot better than the previous idea and turnabouts because it captures that proud bird of prey pose to stand up tall and weight is distributed onto it's weight rather than the whole body flopping over.


  1. Phil I read ur previous comment and graduation idea would be great but I am worried i am going to run out of time so I came up with this idea.

    Please give me feedback asap

    Has this improved the structure?

  2. Hey Adam - I didn't want to spook you - I just think the head/face relationship needs more thinking about (it still does) - right now, it's a vulture wearing your glasses; remember, your final hybrid might not be so bird-like - look at Justin's flamingo hybrid by way of an example. It's good that you're still trying stuff out; yet you've got to get something resolved for Friday, but I'd rather it worked conceptually, than just looked pretty! Your creative development is the important bit, remember! :-)