Friday, 8 October 2010

Life drawing week 3

This week we didn't have a model so an improvised still life was created with mannequinns and we had to five minutes to draw what we saw on our own paper and then we moved around to other people's work to add our mark to it. Even though I didn't have a lot to do with this drawing I really like it because it shows good form and observation.

In this drawing we had to not look at what we were drawing and look only at the composition and even though it is a load of scribbles I can still read the image as the mannequins as you can slightly see the forms I thought this experiment was alot of fun because you had to judge your movements were accurate when drawing which is different to the usual way of just seeing it.

 In these final two drawings three colleges volunteered themselves as models with clothes on, this itself is a challenge because you have to show how the clothes wrap round the body. The charcoal drawing is more bold and all lines and strokes shown clearly but I also like the pencil drawings because I feel I am improving with every class.

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