Friday, 8 October 2010

Studying human and vulture structure


I decided to look at the structural anatomy between a vulture and a human to gain an indepth understanding with the project. These are the skulls and I can already see major differences between the jaw structure, the eye socket and the nose. The only similar feature is the back of the head where the bone slopes down.

The complete skeletal structures also have alot of differences because the structure form for the vulture has bones that bend and curve round to support a wider skull and wings. The human skeleton's bones are straighter and form a fixed shape unlike the flexibility of the vulture skeleton. The feet and toes are spread out in the vulture, the human toes are straight and narrow. The rib cages have a similar concave shape where the bones curve to connect to the spine.

The structures will be hard to combine because of the loose freedom of the vulture so I will try to adapt human features to that structure so that the hybrid is instantly recognisable as a bird - like creature.

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