Thursday, 7 October 2010

Research for project

 This collection of images is some of the research I looked at based of the theme of hybrids and anatomy.

I looked at Greek mythology and the horrific tales of people being punished and transformed into the monsters we know from history

 This is a piece of artwork that I found, I like the idea of just using the human form of a doll to create this centipede/insect form we recognise.

More Greek mythology, the image of medusa recreated for the recent Clash of the Titians film . An updated design of the monster but because of the familiar form we can instantly recognise what the image depicts. 

There are also good examples in egyptian mythology, this is Horus an egyptian god depicted as half bird half man. These early images suggest that the idea of the hybrid has existed for a long time.

This is a hybrid chimera from the video game Resistance. A human transformed from an experimented disease gone wrong. I like the reptilian appearance of this creature and the advancements of sight and agility gained during transformation.

This is another video game hybrid from Devil May Cry 4 named Echidna, who is a mix of a woman, plant and snake. I like the multi hybrid elements in this idea and the use of layers. The snake/bud head opens to reveal a women attached within.

I also thought about the use of hybrid in comic/cartoon animation, for example Beast from the X-men is a radiated mutation and became a beast human hybrid with elements of a bear, lion and a human.

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